Pigeon Slim Neck Nipple Cleansing Brush (Japanese Version)

$ 6.00

Make cleaning slim neck nipples effective and a breeze with the Slim Neck Nipple Cleansing Brush.

Brush is shaped to effectively clean PIGEON slim neck nipples.

  • Shape is designed for perfect fit and cleaning of PIGEON nipples.
  • Small and easy-to-grip handle gives greater maneuverability when cleaning small areas.
  • Urethane material cleaning bristle scrubs well yet does not damage delicate nipples.

Sterilization Methods:
DO NOT boil, microwave or use chemical sterilization methods on the product.

Part Material Heat Resistance
Brush Polyurethane 80°C
Handle Polypropylene 120°C

Keep out of reach of children. Excessive pressure, twisting or pulling on the nipple may cause wear and tear. After use, rinse thoroughly with detergent and warm water. Keep product dry and out of direct sunlight. Do not place near fire or in places with high temperature.